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  • Nicholas Fiorentino

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Sabiha Tudesco

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Mike Everhart

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Kathy Houser

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Sean Mulkeen

    Chief Revenue Officer

  • Ari Sumon

    Head of Product

  • Cameron Rentch

    VP, Performance

  • Ben Brown

    CEO, Two Minute Topics

  • Will Ehrich

    VP, Business Development

  • Brandon Moore

    VP, Partnerships & Acquisition

  • Jack Altunyan

    Media Buyer

  • Clint Fillingim

    Media Buyer

  • Silvia Garcia

    Director of Accounting

  • Vincent Toney

    Senior Software Developer

  • Fadi Adawi

    Senior Software Developer

  • Milad Hassibi

    Director of Content

  • Brittanie Blanchard

    Human Resources

  • Savannah Martin

    Social Media Manager

  • Shadi Adawi

    Software Developer