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Weekly Sweepstakes - Free $500 Weekly Drawing

Simply Sweeps runs a flagship $500 per week giveaway. They are developing technology that builds consumer profiles and serves relevant advertisements to them throughout the sweepstakes entry process.

Financial Assistance for Consumers with Troubled Credit Scores

CrediReady connects consumers with troubled credit scores to providers of numerous financial services that can assist them. CrediReady's blog is updated frequently with helpful tips for consumers.

Expert Coverage on a Broad Range of Topics

Two Minute Topics serves its' large readership articles that are meant to be quickly digested and provide recommendations for a broad range of decisions consumers are faced with daily.

Helping Increase Awareness and Safety is a website assisting consumers impacted by the negative effects of e-cigarettes and vaporizer devices.

Helping Americans Get More for Their Dollar

USA Consumer Network helps connect users with financial issues to services that can assist them. With their resources, USA Consumer Network plans to expand their service offerings to help thousands of Americans, no matter their financial situation.

Ensuring Equal Protection Under the Law

Shield Legal connects victims of malpractice and other legal torts with specialized attorneys that can help represent them. Our proven approach combines data, analytics, and premium traffic to help consumers get compensation and justice.
An Infrastructure That Scales

Our Team allows startup companies the chance to be incubated with access to a dedicated, full time staff their overhead couldn't otherwise afford

Our growing team consist of leaders and innovators in the Digital Marketing industry, many with successful exits. We have an incredibly stringent hiring process and are always looking for great teammates to join our mission.
Our investments are made entirely from within. Anything that makes sense gets funded, no matter how large the prospective investment size.
We take security seriously. Sensitive consumer information is protected at military-grade encryption levels and we treat our Customers' brands with the same obsessive care that ours receives.

Our Next Big Brand

We are always searching for our next big investment. If you have an idea, or are in need of a cashflow investment please submit the contact form below and we'll get a call scheduled.

We serve a very broad base of customers across many industries. Contact us to discuss our Advertising rates.
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And growing. Our content engages and informs, as it is written by experts in their respective subject matter.
We market on behalf of a wide array of industries. Our marketing practices are industry-agnostic. Our theories are simple. Control expenses and focus on customer experience.
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